Finol Oil, Dublin, Ireland

"we operate 20 bulk lubricant storage tanks ranging in size from 8,000 to 42,000 litres. We're very happy with the new Kan'to system. Compared to our older system, it's greatly assisting us with stock levels and control. RE-AN International Technology Services (Kanto's Ireland agent and distributor) installed and commissioned the system in a timely and efficient manner."
Dominick Purcell, Chief Executive Officer

Lovell Fuels, Buckinghamshire

" I’m pleased to say that thanks to Kan’to Instruments Lovell Fuels now has state of the art gauging equipment with electronic gauges which has been a revelation! "
"“Having electronic real time data is a huge step forward for us, and has revolutionised our stock management.”
Simon Lovell, Lovell Fuels


Castle Liquid Fuels’

"It has proved to be a reliable system over the years, and it was a natural progression to upgrade it to include theft and leak detection alerts linked via SMS text messaging to the site manager’s mobile. We are very impressed with the product, and the aftersales service we have received from Kan’to."
Steve Rollingson

Northburn Industrial Services

"The Stockmaster system from Kan’to will eventually pay for itself as it saves time and money by cutting down on paperwork and manual checks. Whilst the added flexibility of being able to bolt on additional packages allows the system to adapt to our future requirements,”
Bob Wylie, Director

Tara Oil, Limerick

" It worked out really well. It only took a couple of months and there was minimal disruption. The office staff like the system as they can now see everything on one screen."
James O’Mahoney, Owner