standby power generator

Standby Power Generation

There are two elements to this solution:

The local controller, based on the iLEVEL gauge system (see relevant section)


data on the web (optional).

The iLEVEL can provide control and local indication of every aspect of fuel inventory and use, interlocks with pumps, high/low level alarms, transfers between main and day tanks, ambient/fuel temperature, aspects of fuel polishing/quality.  The system can also integrate with flow meters for full accountability and management of fuel usage.

A very popular option is to provide all this data, in addition to management reports and SMS/email alerts, on the web, through a secure log-in.  Data is presented in tabular or trend form, showing truly real-time as well as historical data with powerful search facilities.  All data is stored and available instantly for a minimum of 12 months, or longer if requested.