Intelligent Gauging

Intelligent Gauging

Live (TRUE live!) data, on the web, wherever/whenever you want it!

Use a browser on a desktop, tablet or smartphone, covering all popular operating systems and browsers.

A very innovative yet simple way to stay on top of movement of valuable assets, your 24/7 'eye-on-the-plant'.

Powerful and clear graphs show in detail any movement, while intelligent zooming facilities allow quick and easy selection of a graph area of particular interest.  A simple click shows every single recorded data point with its unique time-stamp.

Sample Real-Time Graph

sample graph

Summary of features:

  • Real-time and historical data trends with search/zoom facilities;
  • Real-time and historical indication of alarms with unique response-logs;
  • Inventory and reconciliation reports with variable periods, showing opening/closing stocks and usage/discrepancies;
  • Integration of data from flowmeters;
  • Contents and free space (ullage) by tank and location/product groups;
  • Minimum storage period of 12 months or longer if required;
  • Unlimited number of users per licence;
  • Flexibility of system allows for the inclusion of many parameters, not just inventory-related ones.