Simple to use, easy to install - iLEVEL is the perfect gauging solution for up to 32 tanks. Complete with sensor, iLEVEL is suitable for any tank size or shape, whether standalone or part of a larger system. Options are available for high/low alarm, web access, repeat panel and email/SMS alerts and a wide range of sensors for the highest degree of measurement accuracy.

This compact but feature-laden system offers many benefits to the user:

• Protection against unauthorised fuel use
• Maintain stock levels – never run out again!
• Environmental benefits – avoid overspills!
• Promote a culture of “good housekeeping”
• Low maintenance – lower service costs
• Remote access to information – no more out-of hours call-outs to investigate “situations”

The iLEVEL system is simplicity itself to install, operate and maintain.  In its standard form iLEVEL is supplied with a submersible pressure probe and provides a simple but highly effective monitoring solution for fuel tanks up to 3m in height.  Where greater control over functionality is required the iLEVEL system offers many options including an Ethernet port, allowing access from any internet connection to all measured parameters and alarm status for all tanks – yes, iLEVEL is capable of gauging up to 32 tanks!  Real-time and historical monitoring can be accessed using our web-based platform – ideal for applications in storing as well as using fuel.