Tara Oil Ireland

Stockton-on-Tees software company Kan'to Instruments has solved a tricky problem for Tara Oil in Limerick. Tara Oil had two different systems for monitoring the fuel in its tanks. Some components were becoming obsolete and the company was facing the prospect of throwing everything away and starting again.

Kan'to INstruments found a way round this by using all parts that were still in good working order, supplementing with new equipment, and expanding this bespoke system to provide full depot automation. Owner of Tara Oil, James O’Mahoney, told FON it worked out really well: “It only took a couple of months and there was minimal disruption. The office staff like the system as they can now
see everything on one screen.”

Managing director of Kan'to Instruments, Dimitri Papaioannou says he was glad to help: “It would have cost them up to £15,000 to completely replace the system, but this way we saved Tara money and extended the life of the current equipment. There are probably many other companies facing the same predicament that can be helped in the same way.”