Northburn Industrial Services

Kan’to Instruments “do it” for NIS

Kan’to Instruments has recently provided its Stockmaster system to two sites for Northburn Industrial Services. Northburn is heavily involved in waste oil recovery at its Billingham site whilst its depot in Cumbria is involved mostly in fuel distribution. Northburn is an ambitious company looking to expand and is embracing new technology. “The Stockmaster system from Kan’to will eventually pay for itself as it saves time and money by cutting down on paperwork and manual checks. Whilst the added flexibility of being able to bolt on additional packages allows the system to adapt to our future requirements,” comments Bob Wylie, director, Northburn Industrial Services.

Northburn Industrial Services Ltd (NIS) provides a range of waste management and recycling services, predominately handling oils and associated wastes. The company is a licensed carrier, collector and processor of waste oils and offers services including automotive waste handling, marine waste removal, waste oil collections, tank cleaning, vacuum tanker hire, chemical handling, and oil re-refining.
For NIS, Kan’to designed and installed a complete turnkey package incorporating automatic tank gauging for diesel and waste oil storage and process tanks. It includes control systems for steam valves and steam temperature; sampling valves on each of four process tanks; and seven pumps for receipt of raw materials and intertank product transfers. The installation also features a bespoke PC-based software package for the control, monitoring and recording of all the company’s recycling and associated processes.
Gauging at large oil companies, fuel depots and chemical plants Founder of Kan’to Instruments, Dr
Dimitri Papaioannou, is an electronics engineer with more than 30 years of international experience, and now counts some of the world’s largest oil companies amongst his clients.
“After working for multi-nationals for a number of years, I felt that I wanted to do things differently and
provide a high-quality, tailored service – designing and providing what customers actually want to buy!” says Dimitri. So in 1998 he set up Kan’to Instruments in office and workshop facilities near Stockton-on-Tees to provide specialist systems to monitor storage facilities at fuel depots and chemical plants.
Kan’to – the word means “do it!” in Dimitri’s native Greek language – now serves corporate customers across the UK and Ireland. Over the years, the company has gained a reputation for creating bespoke technology which remotely checks and gathers information on the stock levels of fuel and chemicals in storage tanks which range in size from a small football pitch through to a several acre site.
“The NIS contract was a very big project indeed, which started last March and finished just now - and there is another phase planned for next year,” adds Dimitri.
Bob Wylie, director of Northburn Industrial Services, is very happy with the Kan’to installation. He says:
“Kan’to service was very good, giving invaluable advice at the design implementation stages where various systems were being considered. Their installation was carried out with minimal supervision to the highest specifications and workmanship. System commissioning was undertaken with great flexibility to suit our production needs.”

An NIS treatment tank featuring a Scada control system installed by Kan’to. The system includes level and temperature control of holding and treatment tanks and local human machine interface (HMI) screens to allow operators to activate pumps and valves within pre determined parameters