Kan’to Instruments – based in the North East of England, are designers of intelligent systems for monitoring bulk liquids' storage, typically fuels and chemicals.  A complete service involves design and installation of turnkey solutions incorporating plant automation for bulk liquid installations (fuel depots, oil/fuel recycling, hazardous/aggressive chemicals) as well as for big users of fuels (transport, data centres, stand-by power generation).

The Company is headed by Dr Dimitri Papaioannou, an electronics engineer and designer with more than 30 years of international experience, and now counts some of the world’s largest oil companies among his clients.

We are well-connected with experts in specialist fields such as web design, materials science, wireless communications, high-pressure systems and process control.  Access to such a pool of talent allows us to understand better complex applications and provide comprehensive solutions.

“After working for multi-nationals for a number of years, I felt that I wanted to do things differently and provide a high-quality, tailored service – designing and providing what customers actually want to buy!” says Dimitri.  So in 1998 I set up Kan’to Instruments in office and engineering facilities in Stockton-on-Tees to provide intelligent systems to monitor storage facilities at fuel depots and chemical plants.

Kan’to – the word means “do it!” in Dimitri’s native Greek language – now serves corporate customers across the UK and Ireland. Over the years, the company has gained a reputation for creating innovative technology which remotely checks and gathers information on the stock levels of fuel and chemicals in storage tanks which range in capacity from a few thousand up to millions of litres.

Established in 1998
Family Business
Our philosophy: simple is best, customer comes first